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Works in District 3

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*The work includes a period of 19 months.

* This work will benefit the inhabitants of Sarie Bay, La Rocosa, Cabañas Altamar, among other surrounding areas.

After a thorough inspection carried out by the Secretary of Public Services and Environment, Johan Mancilla Fayllace, and his work team, determined that during the first eight weeks of execution of the work of renovation of sewerage networks in the sector of Sarie Bay, the work has achieved significant progress, which represents the improvement and continuity of the service.

During the tour, the secretary showed that the work is carried out according to the established times. In the same manner, Mancilla Fayllace added that this work will benefit the inhabitants of Sarie Bay, La Rocosa, Cabañas Altamar, among other neighboring areas.

"The work consists of extending the system from a 3-inch coverage to an 8-inch system. The expansion will benefit this entire sector that is known as District 3. This work has approximately 2 months of having started in the different sections. It is scheduled to finish in 19 months, but thanks to the speed of the works of the contractor, it is expected that the delivery will be prior to the established date," said Mancilla Fayllace.

Regarding the specifications of the works, the secretary mentioned that, at the moment, the digging process of trenches is carried out where the pipe of eight inches will be installed.

On the other hand, the secretary took the opportunity to announce that the works of expansion and reconstruction of aqueduct networks in Orange Hill were completed with great success.

"It was one of the works completed satisfactorily within the established schedules. These works caused little inconvenience to the community and have benefited, only in this sector, more than 40 new users who took advantage of and connected to the networks. We are currently continuing work on two fronts, one in the sector of Cove with open trench and the second in Mission Hill to guarantee all coverage on the Hill,"the official concluded.

The works of renovation and expansion of aqueduct networks will contemplate other sectors such as San Luis, Genny Bay, Schooner Bight, Court House, La Paz, among others.


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