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World Food Safety Day

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· The Secretariat of Health socializes with the community several safety tips to take into account along the food chain.

In December of 2018, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared on June 7, 2019 as World Food Safety Day, which is celebrated for the first time in history with the slogan "Food Safety is an issue for everyone."

World Food Safety Day is the opportunity for everyone to take a moment to think about something that we often take for granted: food safety, as a central point in the public health of our island territory.

Bearing in mind that unsafe foods are a threat (Foodborne Diseases) to human health and economies (tourism) of our islands, which disproportionately affect vulnerable and marginalized people, especially women and children. The Secretariat of Health socializes to the community the following safety tips to take into account along the food chain:

1.            When you plant (fruits and vegetables), capture (fish products) and raise (cattle, pigs and birds) with responsibility you get safe food.

2.            When producing food, apply good manufacturing practices.

3.            When transporting food, do it under conditions that guarantee its safety.

4.            When you buy and consume food, buy at reliable stores.

5.            When preparing food for consumption, do not forget to apply good hygienic practices.

Always remember that "Food safety is an issue for everyone".






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