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Evacuated More than 6 Tons of Post-Consumption Waste

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· The collection site is the entrance to the Clarence Lynd Newball Memorial Hospital.

· This activity is organized by the Punto Azul Corporation in partnership with the Departmental Government and Coralina.

· Those interested will have until Friday June 7 to bring their disused objects

With the objective of evacuating more than six tons of waste from the island, the third Post-Consumption Waste Collection Campaign was organized by the Punto Azul Corporation and supported by the Departmental Government and Coralina.

During the campaign, which will be held until June 7 at the Clarence Lynd Newball Memorial Hospital, materials such as batteries, computers, cell phones, chargers, cables and expired medications will be received in order to carry out the correct disposition of such

According to the Governor in charge of the Department, Juan Francisco Herrera Leal, this activity should serve as a basis to continue with the task of developing a proper model to remove these elements from the island.

"More than an activity, this is an exercise to analyze how from our role as citizens, we commit ourselves to help these processes of post-consumer waste disposal to be done sequentially and are not require to carryout special campaigns such as those they have to develop. We must reinforce collection points, which have to be properly identified, established containers and types of specific brands to identify what characteristics of materials are; they must be the elements that must be part of our routine, like any other solid waste container that are distributed throughout the Departmental Archipelago,"said the Governor in charge.

On his part, the administrative director of Punto Azul Corporation, Jorge Enrique Trujillo, made known that the commitment is to make San Andres a more sustainable place.

"The good news is that the island is one of the pioneer Departments in Colombia with the highest level of collection per capita in the country.That speaks to us very well and tells us that we are moving towards a very important commitment on the environmental issue. Above all, on an island where the main resource in terms of tourism income is the entire environmental issue and the environmental richness there is,"said Trujillo.

Finally, with the support of the Air Force, the elements delivered by the community will be taken to the interior of the country, under all safety protocols for proper disposal.

"The Air Force is counting on transportation aircraft, which will be sent from the military command in Bogota to be able to evacuate this material. As always, all our operations are under strict security measures, packaging and seals,"explained the commander of the Caribbean Airforce Group, Colonel Camilo Arturo Montenegro.


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