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Agreements on Mobility, USW Plant and Population Control

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* The agreements were signed between the Departmental Government, the National Road Safety Agency, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Housing.

With the signing of the agreements for the strengthening and maintenance of the entire roads of the Departmental Archipelago, approval of resources for the construction of the leached and dried plants, complements of the USW plant and implementation of the Biometric System, the Governor in charge of the Department, Juan Francisco Herrera Leal, closed his work schedule in the capital of the country.

During the meetings, Herrera Leal had the opportunity to meet with officials of the National Road Safety Agency, who socialized the importance of having optimal ways to guarantee an assertive mobilization on the island.

It should be noted that, together with Invias, they began to adapt the road network in sectors such as Barrio Obrero, Los Corales main road, San Luis and Newball Avenue. According to the governor in charge, these works are in accordance with the established time and the materials used are of the best quality.

As for the Urban Solid Waste Plant, the agreement was signed with the Ministry of Housing which guarantees that the resources will be disbursed to start the construction of the preliminary stage that will be responsible for removing waste that is not allowed by the specifications of the plant.

With this new phase, it will be ensured that the waste goes through the process of storage, classification, dehydration and finally, grinding.

Finally, on the Biometric System, is a device to guarantee the control of the people that enter the island. Thanks to the signing of the agreement with the Ministry of Interior, this new electronic surveillance system will have a biometric identification system that will be in line with other authorities, to be able to fully establish the identity of those who make transit entry or depart through our air terminal.

The resources for this process were obtained after an interinstitutional effort initiated by the Departmental Administration in order to identify or have a film registry of those who arrive on the island.


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